With apologies to the late Charles Schultz…


Schulz indicated that his family wished for the strip to end when he was no longer able to produce it. Schulz had previously predicted that the strip would outlive him, with his reason being that comic strips are usually drawn weeks before their publication. As part of his will, Schulz had requested that the Peanuts characters remain as authentic as possible and that no new comic strips based on them be drawn.


Oh that’s probably why…I am a terrible person.

Deleted Scene


Here at thebestdrawings.com we aren’t just all about delivering finely drawn, hand-crafted images. We also have inside scoops into the latest Hollywood offerings. I was recently able to get my hands on this real screen grab of a deleted scene from my good buddy C Nole’s upcoming film, The Dark Knight Rises. Obviously it looks a little rough because they haven’t added all the CGI yet, but I’ve been assured that this is legit. Sadly, they are cutting the scene where time traveling Hitler comes to Gotham and switches the Bat Signal to the Swastika due to time constraints, and will be deleting all evidence that they ever shot it so they can clear hard drive space for porn, mp3s, movie rips and a large collection of Steam games.

Too bad, this would have made movie history. Thanks for sharing Chris!

Seriously these are the best drawings